A note on the “righteousness” of the jihadis – and their religious education

The latest al-Qa’ida statement from North Africa, AQIM, is simply a memoranda of their recent operations and task. So it is not really interesting, as most of these “news flashes” contain the usual, such as claiming to have attacked military convois of the Algerian government with the results being listed and so on.

Interesting about this specific memorandum however is, that following the title, we read the following:

” Praise be God, who said: “Fight them! God will chastise them at your hands, and He will lay them low and give you victory over them, and He will strenghten the chests of those, who are believers.” Peace and” etc.

The grave error is, that the jihadis have included, as mostly, to underline their “knowledge”, the number of the Sura, or its name and the number of verse. In this case, the jihadis give us the name of the sura : number of the verse, which is, according to AQIM: at-Tawba : 111.

Well, that is close, but it is rather the 14th verse of the 9th sura. The 9th sura, the surat at-tawba, the “repentence”, is one of the suras which is frequently cited in parts by the various jihadis and plenty of ideological material written by the “Godfathers of jihad”, including ‘Abdallah ‘Azzam, have 9:111 as a basis for their rhetoric and arguments regarding the neccessity to wage jihad on “the path of God” and so on.

Point is, that the jihadis and their numerous sympathizers quickly bark at all those who they believe are misguided and they firmly believe that they are “the people of the truth”, being tested by God in a universal fight of “good vs. evil” – and whenever they make a grave mistake such as this one, the jihadis are very quiet indeed.

Members in the forums should question the religious endeavor of their heroes a bit more and perhaps take a look themselves at the religious sources from time to time…

The statement was issued as a posting in the forums – published by al-Fajr.

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