fursan ash-shuhada’, part 5

The fifth edition of the al-Furqan / ISI issued “Knights of the ‘Martyrs'” just went online after it was announced a short while ago. The “fursan ash-shuhada'” are a series that had been introduced years ago and have since then reappeared from time to time highlighting suicide operations against mostly US forces.

Part 1-4 consisted of mostly gatherings of young men, mostly in houses or / and a military surrounding, showing them saying farewell to fellow fighters and providing the audience with a final statement. The final statement usually consists of the reasoning the attack against outside, infidel, forces and provides a personal side to the general and quite comprising ideology of jihadis and wanna-be jihadis who are content with the presence of Americans and Western companies in general in Iraq.

Be on the lookout for an update soon.

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