The Return of ‘Azzam, the American

On a recent posting in the various online forums, a new as-Sahab video has been made available: a speech given in English by Adam Yahiya Ghadan, who gained a questionable fame after threatening the West and the US in particular in his native mother tongue, namely American-English, and who disappeared for some time leaving rumors that he might have been killed in an attack that had left one of the leading ideologues, Abu ‘l-Layth al-Libi, dead.

The video, entitled “The Believer Isn’t Stung From The Same Hole Hole Twice ]” ( I did not make this up!), it is “a Message From the Mujahid Brother” where he takes new stances agains the West and perhaps even India with a look on Pakistan’s recent events.

There will be an update next week on the video, that is online in English and Arabic – anyway Ghadan looks quite healthy and I guess we all can dismiss the rumors of his death now which also explains that the recent as-Sahab videos had – as mostly previously – English subtitles.


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