UBL is back – 60 years of Israel

Bin Laden is back – once again – and so is onlinejihad.wordpress.com. At least for now – there will be another break over the summer, but then the blog will resume again on a more regular basis. So it seems that UBL just is too tempted to be back in the global media for a short while as Israel celebrates its sixtieth year. The as-Sahab video will therefore most likely have English subtitles to make sure that the majority of the media outlets will understand his message and – so the jihadis hope – receive the attention they demand.

One final word to all those people who keep on e-mailing me: this blog simply tries to make parts of the comprising Arabic jihadi online scene available to non-Arabic speakers. And this blog is neither part of associated with GIMF or any other ragtag organization so please quit asking me to help you go to jihad, although I am always very amused by the screaming wanna-be adults who behave like kids and seem to be mad about something.

Yes, there will be an update when UBLs message is online, until then, your onlinejihad.blogspot.com non-jihadi admin.

2 thoughts on “UBL is back – 60 years of Israel

  1. You are a very patient man to suffer the rantings of so many angry individuals.

    All religion is just a tool for someone else’s profit or ego.

    Save your own soul and by your example you will perhaps save some other souls.

    Believe in Allah.

    You never heard him speak. You never saw him.

    You see the treacherous forms of communication all around you every day in the media.

    Do you really believe that every thing written about Allah and his Prophet Mohammed has been preserved accurately since then?

    There has never been any miscommunication between friends , has there?

    None of your trusted friends ever lied to you ?

    Everything you have read since the day you could read is a lie because it is poorly remembered.

    Not a deliberate lie just a false memory…perhaps

    Have you not met an old friend and talked about happy times and listened as he told a story you remembered differently ?

    That is what humans do. They make mistake after mistake and they wonder why they are not happy.

    It must be someone else’s fault!

    Read today! Read your newspaper or your favorite blog. Read the sources you trust on the internet.

    I read the ones I trust and find mistakes daily.

    Al Suri. Tartusi, Al Uyayri, Maqdisi will tell you what to do. How you must live your life.

    Jihad is for you but not for them.

    Suicide bombing is for you but not for them.

    They are just guiding you because you are too un-enlightened to want to kill other people. So far !

    Ask them what they have done other than sit in their Hotels and drink !

    They have the arrogance of the oppressor because they are drinkers and they are disrespectful to young women.

    They make you feel weak because you are not willing to do as they say.

    Are they different from the man who forces himself upon a woman? Are they different from the United States of America forcing itself upon the world?

    Who are they ? I don’t see them on MTV. I don’t see them on Al Jazeera. They don’t give speeches in Hyde Park.

    They are false leaders, Osama Bin laden is not Salah Al Dinh…….Salah Al Din showed up for the fights …………..and there were many fights …and there was honor between the Crusaders and the Warriors of Islam.

    They fought each other hard !

    Should you be led by invisible people ?

    These dogs are not worth the crack they smoke every night. Who knows what they are .

    Are they in Paris, Londonistan,

    Trust only those you know an even then trust them little.

    Your strength and your salvation will come through you and your love of your family.

    Love your Father and your Mother. Give your sisters your protection and do not hurt them when they are taken advantage of.

    Pursue the usurper who disrespected your family by his encroachments and lack of respect for her. protect her honor.

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