Update: al-mafqud – Missing in Action


… six months later the video went online – published by the infamous al-Furqan media department of al-Qa’ida/Iraq, it claims once again how US jets deliberately target muslim civilians. The missing (al-mafqud) pilot by the name of Gilbert T. is also “presented” after his F-16 had been shot down by the “Air Defense Division” of al-Qa’ida; it is however unclear why this video was announced in march and then went online recently – this may indeed show that the internet battle against jihadist groups is not fully out of hand. Also recently most of the radical sunni forums have been systematically shut down, in one forum the mourning of the administrator of the al-firdaws forum who had been killed in the nahr al-barid refugee camp in Lebanon was a frequently read posting.

Referring to the deaths of women and children; hal hadha dimoqratia – is this democracy. In the radical writings a lot has been published online why the democratic systems are anti-islamic and why for example participation in elections is forbidden – the most prominent anti-democratic fatwas have been issued by al-Maqdisi.

Making democratic bombs responsible for the deaths of innocent children – a theme quite common and which has been used in previous videos by the al-Furqan media production

Who knows why the F-16 crashed. You might remember how Saddam claimed the downing of an Apache helicopter by a farmer using his British made 100 year old rifle in 2003…

The body is filmed close up and displayed in detail.

Keep in mind that the US Air Force is – in the view of the jihadis – an element of oppression and tyranny. The presence of US troops in Saudi Arabia and its Air Force bases is one reason why the House Al Saud has been declared as a gang of traitors; from Saudi Arabia most operations are undertaken against the “innocent and weak” muslims, who are unable to defend themselves against the air strikes. Many comparisons have been made, take for example carpet bombings and terror attacks: both kill “combatants and non-combatants.” The West as technological advanced has been accepted, but propaganda such as this video, is used to show that the resistance of al-Qa’ida as a global resistance against the democratic West can work – an important recruitment tool.

2 thoughts on “Update: al-mafqud – Missing in Action

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