Adam Yahiye Gadahn – a.k.a. Azzam the American: Legitimate Demands

As-Sahab has published another video with this “figure” Adam. Adam who went from hardcore “Christian” to extreme “Muslim” informs us just one more time how evil the USA are and how soon they along with their “crusade” are going to hell.

“The stupied allies are easy prey for the martyrdom seekers” – now lets take a look at the arabic translation, which is shown as a subtitle. The term maryrdom seekers is equivalent to the arabic istishhadiya: meaning those, williing to sacrifices everything in order to approve their belief and to commited everything to religion. Rather hard to translate but important to bear in mind.

Azzam goes on, “you are loosing on all front and losing big time” – clued together with a study of some university, claiming that Muslims worldwide support the actions of the mujahidin.

His demands – in short:

  1. Get everyone out of islamic lands from Afghanistan to Zanzibar– if not, then the “defensive jihad” will continue
  2. Abandon the apostate regimes in the islamic countries – yes, the evil West is behind everything with a zionist-crusader-iranian-indian-conspiracy; if not then it will be sufficient reason to continue to kill Americans
  3. Aid to any lands, such as palestine, and providing support is something like an act of war
  4. Cease all interference with religion, society etc – so that they can establish their shura state, any interference will be answered with 1000 islamic bombs
  5. Put an end to interference in the educational system and islamic media and curriculum – well thought through madman, he goes on demanding to stop broadcasting in our regions
  6. Free all muslim captives from prisons, concentration camps etc – otherwise their legitimate struggle will continue

5 thoughts on “Adam Yahiye Gadahn – a.k.a. Azzam the American: Legitimate Demands

  1. They are all a bunch of mad muslim nuts. Take a look at to see what these lunatic muslim terrorists are all about. They have no respect for life. They are, in short, a bunch of assholes.

    1. Hey, what and how much you know about Islam that you are dare to comment on activities of the mujahideen whom are liked by ALMIGHTY

  2. By Muslim law they’re obligated to give a verbal ultimatum before mounting attacks. The claim, “you are loosing on all front and losing big time” is absolutely ridiculous. There are functioning democracies with able police and military forced in Iraq and Afghanistan, and we get AT LEAST 5X as many of them as they get of us. This guy is obviously a victim of his own religion’s propaganda.

  3. Hey- If we’re losing battles everywhere, then maybe we should drop the ‘Bomb’
    and be done with Middle East!
    We can find oil somewhere else..
    If I was President, after 9-11-2001, I would have used a ‘tactical nuke’ on Mecca!
    As soon as it came clear, who was behind the attack.
    The people that worked in the twin towers didn’t deserve that attack.
    And that makes people like Adam Gadahn, Zawahiri, and Bin Laden mass murders’.
    ‘Mass Serial Killers!’
    But somehow or for some reason, Our beloved President has somehow resisted
    Nuking the Middle East. -Cause I wouldn’t of

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