Let’s go nuclear… again: the N-Files

From the Jihad Media Brigade… posted on 21.04.2007 in the al-nusra forum

(note that one arabic handbook is a translation of the U.S. Army Survival Handbook and another one is a translation of a civil defense document of the canadian government.)

“The dangers of nuclear [fallout].. taking shelter and the means of being safe”

This data went online about 2 weeks ago in the usual forums – it was linked to the usual file-hosting servers where a 7.5mb rar file waited for its download, which included 3 documents and a mht file with the english title “11 Steps to Nuclear War Fallout Survival.”

Document no1:

“The remainder (the life) under extreme conditions”: a 329 page strong pdf (which I will go through very briefly).

In the foreword we find the following: “What you have in your hands is a translation of the book ‘us army SURVIVAL MANUAL'” – hence the chapters such as “Psycgological [effects] when [living under] extreme conditions – making fire – getting water – obtaining food – using plants etc”. Taking a look into the english original version will give you what the jihadis are – once again – using to train, or at least to inspire their fellow mujahidin.


Doc. No.2: (just) a 33 page strong Word-document, which again, I will go through very briefly (sorry, but it’s a time issue).

“The dangers of nuclear [fallout].. taking shelter and the means of being safe” – the same title as the posting in the forum, here is a cover of the Jihad Media Brigade:

“in this little booklet we present you – with the support of God and if he wills – in a simple résumé about the danger of nuclear radiation” which may be used in any war and the foreword goes on about the use and danger of uranium.

“The Jihad Media Brigade brings you usefull information in a special report about this very important topic for any time and any place, when the enemy doesn’t believe his [own] evilness and have a hidden hatred [in a sense of: having always hated] against the islamic umma (…).

what else awaits the curious reader in this “booklet”?

the nuclear armament (page 10-13)

the radiation and its exit/effect (13-18)

the atomic bomb (18-25)

taking shelter and the means of protection (25-18)

important information for you in the case of wars (yes, it is the plural 28-32)

Doc. No3: “11 Steps to take shelter [in case of] the nuclear war”

And we all want to know what these 11 steps include (note that the cover says that this is “a special translation” by the Jihad Media Brigade):


  1. Knowing about the dangers of the nuclear explosion
  2. Knowing the facts (atomic dust)
  3. Knowing the warning signs and being in posession of battery-powered radio devices
  4. Knowing how to take shelter
  5. Storing supplies for 14 days
  6. Knowing how to avoid fire and methods to extinguis fires
  7. Knowing how apply first aid
  8. Knowing the proper steps to undertake in case of emergency
  9. Knowing how to discard atomic dust
  10. Knowing the national plan and the national strategy [of your country]
  11. Taking [necessary] steps for you and your family

Effects of an atomic blast (feels like the 1950s?)

Some pictures showing the effect on the human body and how to treat broken bones and such.


The mysterious mht-file – the source of the arabic documents

Finally there is the mht-file – a doubleclick leads to the browser opening the data, entitled “11 Steps to Nuclear War Fallout Survival” by:Canada Emergency Measures Organization

Department of National Defence

Blueprint for Survival No. 4

This data has been translated by the jihadis into arabic and the pictures were used (and the text also translated).

This just proves another point of counter-counter-terrorism: civil-defence public awareness documents also are being used to gain intelligence and knowledge.


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