Collection of al-Maqdisi’s fatwas – as PDF

Just a short update – due to a load of work and technical difficulties, onlinejihad.worpdress will be – hopefully – updated this weekend.

Al-Maqdisi is a prominent figure in the ideological battle, on his website there are thousands and tons of pdf and word documents to be downloaded and are widespread throughout the internet. Imprisoned in Jordan, he is not only the mentor of Zarqawi and a Afghanistan veteran, but one of the most important voices online.

The Fatwa-collection, version 1, is a 137 page strong PDF document, containing different “questions of the people of the peninsula”.

A short overview, for example: “usefull answers in regard of participating in parlament and parlamentary elections”, or “differenciating the takfir (disbeliev, apostasy) of the soldiers of the idol” or “the infidel goverments up to the cleansing progress”, sounds promising.

Expect some forthcoming translations, excerpts or summaries of some of the fatwas at the end of the week, together with some new information from the ‘video section’.

One thought on “Collection of al-Maqdisi’s fatwas – as PDF

  1. Salamun Alaikum,
    I really appreciate, the publication done by the sheikh and I benefit from it tremendously. May Allah reward you abundantly, ameen.

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