Qawafil ash-Shuhada‘ – the carawans of the shuhada’

So just one video more has surfaced about those, who gave the highest possible proof for their belief: they died, fighting on the path of God and hence are the shuhada’ – which should not be translated as martyr! A grave error, which has led to misunderstand the notion of jihad and islamism.

Remembering the fighters who went fighting in caravans. Join the caravan is a famous statement by Abdallah Azzam, the great mentor of Osama bin Laden – this call (ilhaq al-qafila) can be found throughout the jihadi literature; the meaning is clear: the definition of jihad as an individual duty, obligatory for every muslim and to join the existing fight, so join the caravan and gain one of the two most beautiful things: victory or becoming a shahid.

As usual, the impression of “paradise”, or at least something nice and peacefull. In this case, we have a natural view of what seems to be a mountainous area with forest and a river/lake. Just the right place to dwell for eternity?

How one Abd al-Aziz b. Muhammad (Abu Usama al-Iraqi) has defined and published in his book “the craving of the souls for the women of the land of the greatest joy (a.k.a. paradise)” is work in progress, but expect something soon. It’s a wild mixture of being in a peacefull countrystrip with all the female clients around a man can dream of. Unfortunately this is exact the kind of notion many jihadis dream about – why you ask? The sexuality among the male mujahidin is something we do not have a lot of information, so far I have come across a shahid story from Afghanistan where to a certain extend the beauty of battle with the purity of religion seems to be intertwined (work in progress, sorry for that).

The shahid Abu al-Bara’ as-Suri, after his death in Falluja

Looking good for death – after his clean up and exhibition; can you smell the moshus?

Here it gets really interesting. According to another video, where the chap in the background has a vital part of talking, this Hasan al-Makki is wanted by the saudi intelligence community and has died in Iraq according to some sources. I must add, that I will try to get an update on the issue. This could be a valuable example of the two torrents in Saudi Arabia: the al-Qa’ida cells that wanted to continue to operate in Saudi Arabia (such as al-Muqrin) and those who went to Iraq to fight the far enemy there. Hasan al-Makki is supposed to be from Eritrea.

The shahid Abu Nasir at-Tshadi; so this young appretice of the eritrean al-Makki is from Chad. Doesn’t look too happy about his forthcoming operation though.


3 thoughts on “Qawafil ash-Shuhada‘ – the carawans of the shuhada’

  1. trying to mock the people who perform their duties that allah created them for. trust me wallahi the brother you are mocking are in a better place than this dunya. alla you people strive for is just materialistic things and thn you die and then you will go to hell inshallah. allah says in the quran: verily those who disbelieve spend their wealth to hinder men from the path of allah, they will spend it then it will be exhausted and then they will be defeated. therefore my kuffar friends you are not the first and you will not be the last to try. you are going to remember this little comment when you are in hell fire and you will wail “if only i saw and had intellect, i would not have been of the people of the fire. peace to those who follow the right guidance(islam)

    1. hi ishaaq.
      if you call it a mock, you are wrong. All what so called Jihad action especially sending people to death just for something they don’t deeply understand is something wrong. No religion including Islam teach its believer to die in such a way just to avoid of becoming a good Muslim. Here an motto of one of you : “Be a good Muslim or die as Syuhada”. sound like a good jargon but surely it shows how Muslims can no longer be a good Muslim as Mohammad want them to be. Since they feel they couldn’t be a good Muslim they create an alternative by making a propaganda of Jihad/die as Syuhada.
      You may be proud of you jihad and syuhada action. But don’t forget that the judgment is still belong to God and every man will face it whether they are suhada or not.

  2. Actually the Shuhada does NOT, receive reckoning on the day of Judgement. As per the hadith of the Prophet he (shaheed) enters Jannah without reckoning and his intercession for 70 of his loved ones is accepted.

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