Algeria: Tanzim al-Qa’ida fi-bilad al-maghreb al-islam airs new video

Tanzim al-Qa’ida bi-bilad al-maghrab al-islam broadcasts a new video (14.2.07):

“Ambush and five bombings”, from the series “shades of the swords”, has the same layout as an older movie, which had been aired after the “public merging” of the then called GSPC and al-Qa’ida (see post: Algeria: The Hell of the Apostates).



This jihadvideo must be seen in the context of the recent developments in Algeria:

  1. In september 2006 the then called Groupe Salafiste pour la Predication et le Combat (GSPC) publicly announced their merging with al-Qa’ida. (see post: GSPC merges with al-Qa’ida, September 2006).
  2. A bus, carrying a number of Halliburton workers, was bombed in an operation called “Bouchaoui-raid”. This video, 10.12.2006, was introduced with the old signature of the GSPC (see post: Algeria: Bouchaoui-raid)
  3. The GSPC was renamed after sworing allegiance with al-Qa’ida on January 24th (see post: GSPC changes their name).

This video shows, among other incidents, the roadside bombings of a troop transporter. The last two transporter stop, the first one seen in the picture obviously flees the scene – following the military verhicles which have already passed – the soldiers then start to leave the transport and take cover (red circle).

The caption reads: “The apostates during their gathering close to the second bomb.”

Picture No.3 shows the explosion of the second bomb – while the jihadis watch and film from a safe distance.

This is just a scene of the video. It starts with a Mujahidin unit heading to a firefight with the algerian army – after minutes of firefighting, several bodies are shown as the Mujiahdin collect weapons, munition and equipment (see also the comparison with the series “the Hell of the Apostates”).

Here is the table of contents (short version:

– Ambush on a unit of the idolatry-army

– explosion of two bombs directed against an convoy of the idolatry-army

– explosion of two mines (attack close by army baracks)

– bomb attack against a leader of the national guard

– bomb attack against the national guard

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6 thoughts on “Algeria: Tanzim al-Qa’ida fi-bilad al-maghreb al-islam airs new video

  1. FUCK you vous n etes pas des arabes vous etes des putes avec des barbes parcequ au maroc on ne fait pas le jihad on a pas a le faire et mettez le vous dans le cul et appuyer sur la gachette…

  2. antair bi fargh assabr a andama ilaykom li akona in chaa allah min chohadaa alhak sobhanah jazakom alah ana alfa khayr.

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