Algeria: „The Hell of the Apostates”

Some time after the announcement that the GSPC has merged with al-Qa’ida a very professional made video surfaced in the internet by the title “The Hell of the Apostates, part 2”. Part 1 is of similar contend and has the identical layout, however part 2 is just way better made and consists only out of 1 file (464 mb).

After the February 14th release of the series “the Shades of the Swords” I have found many similarities to the mentioned series “The Hell of the Apostates” – in both videos the same layout appears and it seems that the same person(s) have created these videos.

Therefore several examples:

This is a still from the latest video; after the ambush on a army unit, the Mujahidin have taken several weapons and ammunition as well as other equipment as booty. The booty is an important thing for the salafist, as they believe to follow Muhammads example and the quran (sura at-Tawba and al-Anfal) by doing so.

“Booty of the Mujahidin in this raid: machine-guns, ammunition and phones/ communication devices.


Also inbetween scenes there are overviews of what is to come. Here for example there is the title (explosion of two mines) and the following categories:

Type, what is to come and whats the (alleged) result.

Whenever there is a clip or a scene of a new assault, there is always the seperator with the texy layout and information shown.




To compare that to the series “the Hell of the Apostates”:

Just as above, there is the booty of the Mujahidin after this raid: 09 machine-guns, ammunition and communication devices.






nearly identical layout and almost same text-level

place/ target/ booty for the Mujahidin

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